The holiday of the Rose of the saffron

The Feast of the Rose of Saffron is held every year in Consuegra fn last week of October, thus being its variable date trying to match the celebration for the collection of. It was established in 1963, having been listed by the General Secretariat of Tourism and Tourist Festival.

The main feature of the festival is to present and promote cultural essence Mancha through gastronomy, crafts, history and popular traditions.

The soul of this festival are the acts created such interest that will combine tradition and uniqueness, recovering old traditions and even serving as a catalyst for the recovery of a culture that today is in serious danger of disappearing from the town.

Peel rose saffron

Festival programming is extensive and varied, it can highlight "Grinding of Peace and Love" where the windmill "Sancho" moves the original mechanism of the sixteenth century to grind wheat. The gastronomic event where different specialties prepared consaburenses popular Manchego cuisine. The contest Monda Saffron Rose of separating the saffron flower, in which the skill and ability of the contestant is awarded to extract the maximum amount of saffron in the shortest possible time and of course as clean .

Finally to mention the Castilian-Manchego Folk Festival in which participating groups of the five provinces that are part of the autonomous region.

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