Mineral extraction


Although mining has been important throughout history, will from mid-nineteenth century when an intense activity in Spain starts.
The most important nonmetallic minerals exploited in Casilla La Mancha have been lead, zinc, mercury, iron, silver and gold.

In our region we should mention the mines of lead and zinc Guajaraz (Mazarambroz) of a metal mining headframe situated in the well called "The Union" is preserved. It is a vertical metal annazón, a square that is installed on a well in order to support the pulleys for the cables that pass extraction.
The headframe of Mazarainbroz retains the pulleys and cables extraction and is flanked on three sides by ordinary masonry structure in solid brick walls and in the corners, whose function was to support the subsiding located in the middle of the third top of the tower. These mines were abandoned in 1976 days.
Attack smaller, mines have also been located in Navahennosa, Los Navahnorales, Noez, Polan, San Pablo de los Montes, Urda and Los Yébenes.

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