Layos Toledo was repopulated by Mozarabic being a farmhouse in the Sisla. Many of the farmland that were within the term of Layos, dedicated mostly to the cultivation of vineyards and cereals, belonged to religious institutions residing in the city of Toledo, as they were: the convent of Santa Maria Sisla , the monastery of Santo Domingo el Real, Santo Domingo el Antiguo and the convent of San Clemente; or several families who also lived in the city.

King Juan II granted the privilege of Juan Carrillo lordship and jurisdiction place on 12 September 1445. After dismembered of justice and jurisdiction of Toledo, to which he belonged, and gave him "justice and civil and criminal, grouper and mixed empire, rents, breasts and rights ", belonging to the lordship and reserving for himself the checkpoints, hundreds, orders, vacant and other rights belonging to the lordship and reserving for himself the checkpoints, hundreds, orders, and other mostrencos rights pertaining to the real Seorio. At the same time he ordered the neighbors and inhabitants of Layos that acknowledged and acogiesen Juan Carrillo as Lord.

By inheritance, the town of Layos happened to their children who sold soon after (1509), Francisco de Rojas. This was ambassador Reuyes Catholics, who in 1507 returned to Spain and was when he bought the villa in Layos among others and served until February 23, 1523 he died and passed on to their descendants.

  • "San Isidro" (Local holiday, 15 de mayo)
  • "Santa Mª Magdalena" Local holiday, 22 de july)
  • "Santísimo Cristo del Buen Camino y Ntra Sra. del Rosario"(Local holiday, august)

Church of Our Lady Magdalena

The Church of Layos is located in the town square very accessible if you come from Toledo. It is a small building dating from the fourteenth and fifteenth century although the nave and tower are later.
The parish is located opposite the poplar Layos, one of the symbols of the town.

Church of Our Lady Magdalena

Iglesia Nuestra Señora Magdalena.

Palace of the Counsts of Mora

Construction of the fifteenth century Mudejar style which once belonged to the Counts of Mora. The palace is within a large walled and has numerous gardens. It was declared of Cultural Interest in 1991.
To visit you must call ahead because it is privately owned.

Palace of the Counts of Mora.

Layos offer numerous activities that enjoy our stay. We can taste the typical dishes of La Mancha cuisine in one of its renowned restaurants, enjoy a spa in his luxury hotel Alba de Layos, golfing, taking lessons in horse riding or explore the landscape on horseback near the dam of Layos. This same walk we can enjoy walking along the ecological path that links the town with the reservoir along two kilometers.
Golf course

Layos has one of the most renowned golf courses of Spain. With an 18-hole, restaurant, hotel zone and organizing competitions, Layos Golf Golf is one of the best places for lovers of the sport. If you are not an expert in these activities you can always opt to receive some lessons for beginners.

Ecological path

ayos can go a two kilometers ecological path and a half. It goes from the village to the reservoir Guajaraz and runs through areas of high landscape quality. A part has rest areas, children's playground, and a lot of places to stop and rest and contemplate the landscape.

Horse riding and horseback riding

Castle riding in spades classes for all levels are offered. They also offer the possibility of going to summer camps organized for the little ones learn horsemanship.

If you want to take a ride on horseback can too. The riding of spades organizes tours of the natural areas nearby. Just we do recommend making reservations with one day in advance.


Spending a few days of relaxation is another of the many activities you can do. Spa Hotel Alba spades five star hotel has a spa where you can enjoy medical-aesthetic treatments and relaxation.

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