It was from 1233, when we have the first news of this farmhouse in various mozárabes documents under the name of " Bump " .

In the twelfth century is named as " Assueca " . Its main activity was the cultivation of vineyards and tilled only when the harvest gathered and lived in the farmhouse , after returning to Toledo . In the village there were only servants and tenants who are the ones doing the permanent population .

  • Romerìa "San Isidro" (15 may)
  • "Cristo del Olvido" (Usually third Sunday of September)
  • "Santa Barbara" (Local party , December 4)
  • Town hall:
    • Tlfn.: 925 390 181

Church of St. Mary Magdalene

This consists of a building with a central courtyard that links the rest of the units . Rigging made ​​with brick and masonry . The tower factory is based in Toledo rig. The property was largely whitewashed structures. Today, the temple undergoes renovations.

Church bell tower St. María Magdalena

House of the Trinidad (Convent of the Trinitarias)

Formed by a plant of a ship chapel topped by a flat front , and two in the transept giving the feeling of a Latin cross or basilica . The presbytery is separated from the altar by a triumphal arch . Among the interior rooms the presence of the sacristy , the warehouse and the baptismal chapel is documented . He highlights the coffered ceiling covering the nave inally length .

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