This population appears for the first time in a document dated mozárabe XIII, where it says that is a farmhouse in the region of La Sisla. In 1251, other data on a land rent that had Dona Maria Martin, wife of Pelayo Pascual, Almonacid.

It therefore seems likely that life had a Hispanic-Roman settlement of agricultural base that stayed through the Muslim domination, leading to a Moorish settlement, on which is performed a Castilian repopulation.

Relations In 1576 Philip II is said to Villaminaya is village of Toledo and is under its jurisdiction.

  • Town hall:
    • Tlfn.: 925 345 001
    • "Virgen de las Angustias" (third weekend in September)
    • "Santo Domingo" (Dec. 20)

    Church Parroquial de Santo Domingo

    Currently, work is underway in this temple reconstruction, which will soon present a wonderful aspect for tourists to enjoy this magnificent building.

    Bridge Roman

    Villaminaya the town has a Roman bridge located in the countryside it is a good example of the Roman presence in this area. If you are planning to visit this city be sure to come to this natural place where you can also enjoy the grandeur of the landscape surrounding this architectural element.

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