Leather and forging

The artisan tradition of Consuegra stands out for its quality and its quantity and variety. In the city you can find several classic forging workshops specializing in traditional forging Toledo, in which grates, doors, gates or biliary mo household as chairs or alcoves are made; Two workshops of stone carving, stained glass workshop, where it is realized, the tinted crystal les to the customs of the Middle Ages. Also Consuegra has many leather workshops, which made both hunting tools, farm implements reproductions or jackets or coats the material and even shoes as; four workshops of antique restoration and basket maker, which continues to use the different types of plant fibers to make baskets or other goods. No doubt many factories that allow tourists to know the traditional customs and practices when performing the typical products of this land.


The culinary tradition of Consuegra comes from two types of cuisine, La Mancha, and Montes de Toledo. Thus, from the traditiona them it porridge, crumbs, scraps on, is passed deer or wild boar.
Among the characteristic products Consuegra marzipan are. The town has five workshops, in which not only is this product, we also produce different kinds of sweets and traditional pastries.


Cheese is another product in this area is of great importance, and there are several factories where tourists can buy this product made by hand.



The wine has received over the past decade a strong momentum that has been rewarded with obtaining several awards at regional and national level.
Bodegas Castillo de Consuegra has the technical facilities and suitable to produce wines of the highest quality media. The technical team is responsible for monitoring the production of quality grapes through periodic field throughout the entire cycle of the vine visits, conducting controls ripening by periodic analysis Parameters such as sugar concentration, pH and total acidity. Once in the winery, mdiante the most careful techniques, and using modern machinery, is able to retain the potential and quality of grapes for excellent wines, both white and red. The best batches of wine, both white and red, bottled in the cellar, and in the case of red, those considered most appropriate, pass aging in barrels of French and American oak.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil Denomination of Origebn "Montes de Toledo"

The olive groves of Montes de To Ledo is the cornicabra variety. The olive harvest is done by vareo system, obtaining a product with an acidity of between OO and 1.
Family business founded in 1947 by Carlos Felipe Rodríguez and continued by his son Eladio Rodriguez Calvo, he is engaged in the production and packaging of olive oil for 50 years.


Data of interest of Consuegra

Holidays at Consuegra

  • "Fiesta de la Rosa del Azafrán" (Declared of Regional Tourist Interest celebrate the last weekend in October)
  • "Consuegra Medieval" (About August 15)
  • "Semana Santa"
  • Fiestas Patronales en Honor al Santísimo Cristo de la Vera Cruz (From September 20 to September 25)

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