Hontanar is a small town located south of the County of Los Montes de Toledo. It is 56 kilometers from the capital of Toledo and is accessed by the CM-401 road, crossing the municipalities of Galvez and Navahermosa. In the latter of the CM-401 off the TO-7841-V, in 4 kilometers, it leads to Hontanar.

Its location is strategic to enjoy splendid natural scenery as it is situated in a valley surrounded by high mountains belonging to the Montes de Toledo and integrated into the National Park Cabañeros.

Le bathe the Pasadero and Cedena streams born in the Montes de Toledo and join in the wilderness of Malamoneda. Another channels called stream Hontanar, stands at the foot of the mountains monteñas, in the area called la Tejera, finding dry in the summer months.

The exact date of the foundation of Hontanar is unknown, but it is believed that after the Reconquista welcomed the residents of the nearby Malamoneda, based on coexistence between settlers. Of this population still persist that the visitor remains Hontanar not be left to contemplate.

To access the site of Malamoneda take the path of Malamonedilla from Cantos Blancos path that starts from the CM-4157 road, linking Navahermosa with Navas de Estena. There we find the Castle, building built in the thirteenth century, rectangular without towers, and windows with thick masonry walls with mortar locked quartzite pebbles. Next to him the watchtower, Tower Malamoneda held in ashlar masonry and granite mixed and quartzite. Canvas and southern part of the southwest corner are lost, revealing inside a barrel vault on the ground floor and a line of battlements on the second body, which three loopholes open.

The castle and the tower made up the strength and shelter of the people of Malamoneda, whose remains are preserved even populated. It stresses the Necropolis of hispanorromana origin, extensive surface on the rocky granite that have been discovered 103 tombs carved into the rock.

We continue the tour in the center of town, where stands the Church of St. Andrew the Apostle. Simple in construction, it consists of a single ship with rectangular headboard and foot belfry. The design seems to answer several construction stages may have originated in the sixteenth century. Near the church Malamoneda Interpretation Center (visit by appointment at City Hall), designed to provide comprehensive information Despoblado of Malamoneda it is located. In it we find explanatory panels and photographs of the various historical periods occurred in the old town.

Here ends the visit to the village, but in the municipality of Hontanar there are still places worth visiting. The attractive landscape awakens huge Risco stops, Ram Naughty quartzite mountains, becomes an extraordinary viewpoint in autumn sunsets to participate in the ritual of the rut. At 500 meters, after the pass that leads to the road, begins Cabañeros National Park and finally La Chorrera of  Lanchas, to enjoy some beautiful waterfalls in the autumn, winter and spring the odd rainy .

Guadamur Holidays

  • "Cristo del Buen Camino" (first weekend in September)
  • "Romería de la Milagra" (third Sunday in May)
  • "Fugaces, noche de estrellas" (weekend of August. The people gather for a contemplation of the Perseids or tears of San Lorenzo)

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