Layos is discovered in a ravine at the foot of the Sierra that takes the name of the municipality, combining equal parts modern and rural areas of unique and special way. It is located just 12 kilometers from Toledo, accessing it through the CM 4013 road, passing first through the town of Argés and then Layos reach.

Layos was located on the Roman road from Emerita Augusta to Toletum, these conquerors have left archaeological evidence in construction, ceramics and coins. The population continued in the Visigoth period and is from 1278, when Layos mozárabes documented in writing; then it was included in the district of La Sisla. He continued belonging to Toledo until Juan II, in 1445, gave it to Juan Carrillo of Toledo, Cazorla advance. Time passes by inheritance after the Lopez de Ayala, Count of Fuensalida, and in 1509, when Don Francisco de Rojas named manor villa. The villa still go to the Counts of Teba and Mora, being too Manor Dona Eugenia de Montijo.

As a waypoint in our route through the Montes de Toledo, visiting Layos begins at the Church of St. María Magdalena. Building your ship may be located between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, being the tower (at least a third body) of a much later time. It is rectangular with a single nave of small dimensions Toledo factory rig.

The ship has coffered pair and knuckle with five cross braces and two corner. The tower consists of three sections of masonry and brick, topped by an iron structure that houses a small bell.

We continue to the Palacio de los Condes de Mora, declared of Cultural Interest in 1991. It is a building of the castle palace of the fifteenth century Mudejar type. The total constructed area is bounded by a wall of large area consisting of the palace, the gardens and the servants.

The palace is a quadrangular building, fanqueada by square towers at the corners, except for the one located on the west side that is circular plant. Its factory is of stone masonry.

After the cultural visit we can stroll through its extensive network of rural roads, surrounded by soft Mediterranean landscapes and explore the ecological path that leads to the reservoir of Guajaraz, where we can enjoy the fora and fauna of the area or sports as diverse as fishing. At the end of the day we can rest in one of the inns that its wide range of hotels, inns and bed & breakfast offers.

We layos highlight the typical dishes of La Mancha cuisine that visitors can enjoy some of the renowned restaurants; the golf course with an 18 hole, restaurant, hospitality area and organizing competitions and equestrian center offering lessons for all levels and in turn organizes tours to nearby places.


Layos Holidays

  • "San Isidro" (Local holiday, 15 de mayo)
  • "Santa Mª Magdalena" Local holiday, 22 de july)
  • "Santísimo Cristo del Buen Camino y Ntra Sra. del Rosario"(Local holiday, august)

Information of interest to Layos

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