The first written references are Manzaneque thirteenth century, specifically in 1220, when Fernando III donates the gentleman Ferrand Yáñez of Alfadilla among other places, Manzanech. In the fifteenth century, the lordship of Manzaneque belonged to Iñigo of Avalos, who built the castle and later was inherited by the Alvarez de Toledo.

In the second half of the sixteenth century priory and party owns the Santa Maria del Monte.

In the seventeenth century the hamlet inhabited only fourteen families. In all this time in the Church is added to the charge of Yébenes of San Juan, vicarage Alcazar de San Juan, The only privileges they enjoy the place are grazing their cattle in the terms of the thirteen cities of the priory and the meadow of San Martin de la Montina.

Data of interest of Manzaneque

Holidays at Manzaneque

  • "San Sebastián" (20 January)
  • "San Antonio" (13 Jun)
  • "La Asunción" (15 August)
  • "El Cristo de la Fe" (1 de september)

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