Church of San Juan

It is located in the center of Marjaliza between the Real Street and Plaza del Generalissimo. This church was built in 1576. The main facade is oriented to the south made with arch and jambs cement as an imitation of rusticated blocks. The head is facing east, made of square with hip roof with curved tiles. At the foot of the church rectangular tower made of brick with two bays rises. It's arches made of brick like the rest of the belfry. The tower is topped by a cornice formed by several molduras.En the interior has three naves with a high choir on the feet. False flat roof in the entire building. Double triumphal arch and pointed. The ships are separated from each other by arches on thick pillars, the roof of the nave is gabled with curved tiles. Inside it is very refurbished. In the south facade a cross to the fallen rises in front of the National Civil War in 1936, located about two steps and a pillar of granite. It draws attention to the yoke and arrows made of molten lead.

Chapel of Santa Quiteria

A few meters from Marjaliza is the Hermitage of Santa Quiteria, a temple which has a rectangular plant of a single ship that is divided in two by a pointed arch. The Chapel is closed by a wall in which three arches, with larger central opening, and two small on the sides. Cover, possibly paneled, covered with false flat roof. The door is situated at the foot and lintel, finished off with a belfry brick one eye. Gable roof and masonry General Factory. The entire facade was remodeled in 1992. A temple was raised to honor this saint who has a great affection between marjaliceños. Santa Quiteria have escaped because his father wanted to marry. In his flight he met a shepherd with his dog when he asked her not to betray her, then hid Santa Quiteria. When his father and the other men who pursued arrived, they asked the pastor if Santa knew where it was. This did not speak, but waved his hand to where she was hiding. The dog bit the hand to shepherd and Santa Quiteria whistleblower was killed.

Data of interest of Marjaliza

  • Town hall:
    • Tlfn.: 925 320 000

Holidays at Marjaliza

  • "Santa Quiteria" (21-23 May: procession and distribution of charities)
  • "San Juan Bautista" (24 June)

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