The term of Menasalbas is watered by the stream of Villapalos and Torcón River, a tributary of the Tagus, which rises in the north slopes of the Montes de Toledo and maintains a watercourse dams in the swamps of Torcón I, and supplies drinking water excellent quality to the city of Toledo, and Torcón II that caters to the people of the commonwealth that bears his name, in a setting of incomparable beauty in which the primitive oak remains in the granite lanchar between a thicket of Mt. Low rockrose, broom, rosemary, thyme and Aleppo. Very near the town you can visit the Torcón Reservoir, where you can go fishing.
Route watermills

This route starts on the road to San Pablo Menasalbas in its km 5. In the area known as Tower Bridge. Runs through the branch of the royal gorge that reaches Sales with Peña Aguilera along the banks of Villapalos stream. Among lush vegetation of oak and ash we can contemplate the two water mills that not many decades ago were still in operation. Following másgenes swamp on its southern side Torcón got to the river, to continue upstream, perfectly integrated into the landscape, and admire other mills, true examples of popular architecture.

Royal Gorge Route Arroyo Manches to the line of summits

From the hamlet of Navillas, where we can have breakfast, we begin the ascent to the port of the Marches, between ash and rebollos through the Royal Gorge to, once on top, surround the peak and return to Navillas to enjoy a refreshing lunch.
cycling routes

The Cycling Club Indianas-City of Menasalbas, currently formed by a group of more than 200 cyclists, carries departures every weekend for the Montes de Toledo from 1997.L

Data of interest of Menasalbas

  • Town Hall:
    • Tlfn.: 925 407 006 / 925 407 070
  • Office of tourism:
    • Tlfn.: 925 407 031

Holidays at Menasalbas

  • "San Antón" (17 January)
  • "Fiesta de la Encamisada" (Traditional Festival, 29 and 30 January)
  • "La Candelaria" (Feast of The Navillas, February 2)
  • "Romería de San Blas" (3 February)
  • "Santísimo Cristo de la Cruz a Cuestas" (Employer holiday from September 31 to September 6)
  • "Virgen de la Salud" (Employer holiday, on September 8)

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