The first written references about thumb are late due to the scarce population and urban, entity both in Muslim times as a Christian.

According to Cardinal Lorenzana, Pulgar was founded in the 12th century and was possession of! Lord Archbishop D. Rodrigo. It must be borne in mind that this population is located on the road linking the city of Córdoba with Toledo, and due to the continuous relations between these two cities, this road was one of the busiest. This road was very similar to that existed in Roman times, where we also find cited place of thumb as passageway according to studies by Manuel Corchado Soriano.

In 1243, the Archbishop of Toledo gives in barter to King Fernando III the village of Pulgar in Exchange for Baeza and Añover. The villa passed thus from a place of ecclesiastical Lordship to realengo, although not for long, so in 1246, King Fernando el Santo sold thumb to the city of Toledo, for 45.000 mrs. Alfonsies of gold. From then on, thumb was subject to the lordship of Toledo and governed by their city through the judge of the mountains.

Holidays at Pulgar

  • "Día de la Meriendas" (first Saturday of may)
  • "Santo Domingo de Guzmán" (August 4)
  • "Virgen del Pilar" (October 12)

Data of interest of Pulgar

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