Villaminaya is a small town southeast of the province of Toledo, bordering the municipalities of Nambroca, Almonacid de Toledo, Mascaraque, Orgaz and Chueca. Accessing the CM-42, 30 kilometers separate you from Toledo, exit 19 Mascaraque / Mora (North) / Villaminaya.

With about 600 inhabitants, Villaminaya traveler receives with the peace and tranquility that characterizes the people of life, where time seems to stop.

This village was populated in classical antiquity by Hispano-Romans who left few traces of their passage, especially public works like the bridge of Villaverde on Guadalacete River Dam Source Pray and other debris as stelae, tombstones, etc .. . later, these lands were occupied by Mozarabic. In the eighteenth century, the private property consisted of houses city hall, jail, butchers, forge, meadows and some plots. Most of the properties of the land belonged to Villaminaya monastic orders until they passed into private hands after amortization of Mendizabal.

La Mancha for its streets we find the Church of Santo Domingo de Silos. It is a temple of the XVI century with a single nave with a Latin cross and deep arm. The original single remain outside the arms, flat headboard and part of the nave, and inside the barrel vaults of the transept and the apse, decorated with geometric motifs. His head and greater chapel was built of new plant in 1614 by Juan del Valle, under the plans of Juan Bautista Monegro.

Outside the village, surrounded by nature, we find a Roman bridge formed by two parallel walls of masonry and concrete infill with masonry sections. It has a single dome over the stream and two ponds on its east side. Remains of the direction of the Roman road on both sides of the bridge are preserved. In this area it highlights the Peña Manadera characteristic stone as it water flows throughout the year.

Its economy is based mainly on agriculture and livestock work. The main crops are cereals, olives and grapes. Livestock abounds in cattle, swine and sheep, highlighting the existence of some animal breeding ostriches.

Another activity that increases the income of the population of the area is hunting. Among the native species of the area known for its quality and abundance red partridge (Alectoris rufa).

Data of interest of Villamaya

  • Ayuntamiento:
    • Tlfn.: 925 345 001

Holidays at Villaminaya

  • "Virgen de las Angustias" (third weekend in September)
  • "Santo Domingo" (December 20)

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