This population appears for the first time in a document dated mozárabe XIII, where it says that is a farmhouse in the region of La Sisla. In 1251, other data on a land rent that had Dona Maria Martin, wife of Pelayo Pascual, Almonacid.

It therefore seems likely that life had a Hispanic-Roman settlement of agricultural base that stayed through the Muslim domination, leading to a Moorish settlement, on which is performed a Castilian repopulation.

Relations In 1576 Philip II is said to Villaminaya is village of Toledo and is under its jurisdiction.

Data of interest of Villamaya

  • Ayuntamiento:
    • Tlfn.: 925 345 001

Holidays at Villaminaya

  • "Virgen de las Angustias" (third weekend in September)
  • "Santo Domingo" (December 20)

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