PRODER I (1994-1999)
PRODER II (2000-2006)
LEADER (2007-2013)


  • Sustainable economic development, social and environmental.
  • Promote endogenous development and sustained zonasrurales through the diversification of the rural economy, pursuing the maintenance of the population, curbing demographic decline and raising the incomes and welfare of its people, ensuring the conservation of space and natural resources.
  • Regulations EAFRD support for rural development (Regulation (EC) 1698/2005 of September 20, 2005)
  • The PDR of Castilla-La Mancha 2007/2013 (Decision of the Commission of the European Communities No. 3832 of July 16, 2008) is approved
  • Selective Procedure Territories Action for implementing the LEADER Axis of RDP CLM (Order June 6, 2008 of the Ministry of Environment and Rural Development) is convened
  • The A.D.I.T. "Montes Toledanos" is selected as the territory of application of the Leader Axis of RDP CLM by resolution (Resolution of October 15, 2008 of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development)
  • Agreement between the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of the JCCM and ADIT Group "Montes Toledanos" application for Axis 4 (LEADER) of Castilla-La Mancha 2007/2013 dedesarrollo Rural Program.

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