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Given the recent emergence of an advertising brochure, also reported by social networks, for which it provided a Rural Development Project for the Consabura entity - Central Franchise, including the sale of shares to third parties, and using it logos, maps, references and names of Rural Development Group, the Association for Integrated Development of Territory "Montes Toledanos" wishes to clarify, for general knowledge and avoiding possible confusion, such entrepreneurship must disassociate our Association, since which does not yet have prior approval by the Board of Castilla - La Mancha future Rural Development program for the region Montes de Toledo and consequently has not yet opened the deadline for admission of projects in this office. Because of this, the Association has formally addressed to the Bank Consabura - Central Franchise, urging him to refrain from using logos, maps, references and name of the Association, as long as does not have the formal approval of the project by this Association.

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