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Help Request

  • The grant application must be submitted before the final date for submission of applications (31/10/2013).
  • The application form must be completed, signed by the applicant for aid and accompanied by:
  1. Or Memory project (description of the investment or activity, a description of its contribution to the development of the area, budget expenditures to be made and the expected environmental impact).
    1. Project visa (when required)
    2. Three budgets (when the investment involves the purchase of equipment or services for consulting, technical assistance or supplies for more than € 12,000 amount, if greater than € 30,000 civil works)
  2. Tax ID
  3. Declaration of other aid received and / or requested for the project financing and having / not having received other eligible for de minimis aid rule.
  4. Proof of compliance with tax obligations and Social Security declaration / settlement of tax and contribution slips.
  5. Proof of ownership or legal capacity to use and enjoyment of the goods of the project with a minimum of eight years.
  6. Permits, registration and records, and / or other legal requirements demanded by the regulations applicable to the type of activity concerned.
  7. (Payable at the time of the signing of the grant contract, unless expressly authorized by the group and individually, subsequent presentation).
  8. Documentation demonstrating compliance be microenterprise.
  9. Commitment to job creation or consolidation.
  10. Commitment to respect the purpose of the investment at least five years after the last payment of aid.
  11. Commitment to make available to the Group, Community
  12. Autonomous, the EU Commission, the investment needed to verify or expense, up to 5 years following the payment of aid documentation.

Justification of investment

  • Following the notification of the promoter having performed the partial or total investment, once the commitments documented and justified, the Group made the visit on-site control and verify the conditions for granting the aid, partial lifting Act Final Act investment or investment .
  • The realization of investment and expenditure verification, both material and documentation. The physical verification will be reflected in the model certification and accreditation of actual payment of the expenditure made shall be as regulated in order CEH May 7, 2008.
  • No payments will be accepted in cash and accreditation of the expenditure, for other than the Association for Integrated Development of Territory "Montes Toledanos" promoters.
  • The invoices and supporting documents for the payment must be in the name of the sponsor and be sealed with a stamp that report that has been subsidized by the EAFRD.
  • When all spending or investment approved in the nresolución of grant aid and the aid contract is not justified:
    • The file is certified by applying the percentage of the grant awarded to really justified expenditure if it has fulfilled the purpose or objective approved in the concession and has not affected the
    • baremación project.
    • If you have been affected baremación, the subsidy grant will be recalculated and the amount payable to the percentage of resulting subsidy is set.
    • If you have not fulfilled the purpose or objective approved in the concession agreement, the Group settled the termination of the contract and the closing of the file, as well as the reimbursement of the aid which has been perceived, increased by the corresponding interest.
  • Project implementation must comply with the distribution by item of expenditure or investment that reflects the aid contract, admitting variations of up to 10%. Variations are permissible, above this percentage the request of the promoter, Resolution Group and Addenda Help Amending the Agreement.

Helps limit

  • Overall limit, with the creation of up to three UTAS (jobs), the amount of aid may reach a maximum of € 120,000; to create more than three UTAS (jobs) may reach € 200,000.
  • In expansion or modernization of the minimum cottages create 1 job required
  • If you generate one job full time, the maximum limit is 120,000 €.
  • If a job generates any or part-time help limit is proportional to the UTAS created.
  • The maximum amount of aid granted to a beneficiary will be limited to € 200,000 every three years from the award decision, with the following exceptions:
    1. Projects of Regional Interest.
    2. To measure 331 "Education and Information" is applicable de minimis rules laid down in Regulation (EC) No. 1998/2006 of the Commission of December 15, 2006, which stipulates that the total de minimis aid granted to a beneficiary shall not exceed EUR 200,000 over any period of three fiscal years.
    3. The actions financed by the measure 341 held by a Rural Development Group.
  • Incompatibility
    • For the same investment project aid incompatible with other public aid from Community Funds.

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